Arrowsight Manufacturing

Focused on food, applicable in any manufacturing setting

In any manufacturing setting where productivity and quality are the goals, Arrowsight can help measure and provide ongoing feedback to managers and staff to help them know how they are doing at any point in time and where to focus efforts to improve performance.

Arrowsight Manufacturing is currently focusing on the food industry: Arrowsight helps food manufacturers make sure their products are safe and high-quality, and produced with the kind of strong economic margins that come from the most efficient operations. Whether monitoring operations for ready-to-eat food products, meat processing, or animal welfare, Arrowsight's methodology can address workforce performance in any setting.

Arrowsight's methodology can address workforce performance in any setting. If you are interested in exploring how to apply our technology and methodology in other industries.

Involved with the meat industry

Membership in:

North American Meat Institute
Southwest Meat Association
Advised by leading experts

Spotlight: Temple Grandin, Ph.D.

Temple Grandin is famous for designing livestock handling facilities that reduce stress on animals during handling. She has developed objective scoring systems to assess the handling of cattle and pigs at meat plants that many large corporations use today to improve animal welfare. Dr. Grandin advises Arrowsight on its animal welfare efforts and has endorsed Arrowsight's approach as a critical way to assure that meat processing plants meet animal welfare standards.

"If you want me to sign my name saying a plant is really doing things right, I want to get third-party auditing in there." [Meat & Poultry, September 2009].

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