A story of innovation

Arrowsight started out as Parent Watch, a company that pioneered remote access to video as a way of keeping families connected, allowing parents to watch their children at play in their daycare settings. Recognizing a broader potential value, Arrowsight invested significantly in the development of tools for businesses to help them use remote access to video to measure and improve processes and productivity. Arrowsight selected the meat and food processing industries as its first area of focus, and has successfully helped food manufacturers improve compliance with food safety and animal welfare standards, while at the same time significantly enhancing productivity. Bringing its lessons from food manufacturing, Arrowsight has since helped clients achieve unparalleled results in both the quick service restaurant and health care industries.

What does it mean to take full advantage of video as a tool?

In an action-packed operational setting, like a food-processing plant, there are complex processes at play, each of which is critical to producing a product of the highest, quality, safety and profitability. Watching things real time, whether on site or by remote video, only reveals part of the story. But if we break down a manufacturing process into its individual components, and watch and measure performance on each part over time, we begin to get a clearer picture and the means to manage to even better results.

While anyone can install video cameras and link them to digital video recorders (DVRs), unless we analyze the video it produces little value. Arrowsight created patent-pending software that allows businesses to manage video saved on multiple DVRs in multiple locations, networking them through a central server application. This allows businesses to monitor operations remotely over the internet using a web browser, and for Arrowsight’s software and staff reviewers to draw a sample of representative activity to assess and score in very specific ways to provide valuable, customized feedback to clients.

How do Arrowsight’s video reviewers work so efficiently?
  • Arrowsight’s software generates a random sample of activity captured on video for reviews to watch and score – reviewers don’t waste time determining how to come up with a representative sample of activity
  • Video comes up as a series of still images separated by equal time increments. This allows reviewers to identify the behavior of interest quickly, and turn still images into moving images with a single click – no down time waiting for video to stream or buffer
  • Video can be played at any speed bring the benefits of slow motion instant replay to business
  • Event triggers cut down drastically on the amount of video to review as there is no fast-forwarding or rewinding to find the event of interest. As an example, a motion sensor will detect when someone enters or exits a patient’s room, signaling an opportunity for hand hygiene
  • Scoring of activity is facilitated by point and click menus
  • We check our work using the same tools with a specific Quality Assurance program that facilitates senior staff review of reviewers’ work and can be made available to clients

How does Arrowsight turn video into ongoing feedback to clients?

Working with the client, Arrowsight designs feedback reports to provide the client with the information it needs to improve operations in its unique environment. Arrowsight automates the reports so that clients receive the data they need when and how they want it, on a regular basis. In some client sites, Arrowsight streams feedback in near-real time (updates every ten minutes) to LED (light-emitting diode) boards mounted on the walls where management and staff can see them as they work. In addition, Arrowsight provides feedback analytics intra-shift, end-of-shift, daily, weekly and monthly, comparing current performance to trend. Arrowsight can also automate real-time “exception” alerts, to inform management when performance varies up or down beyond an acceptable range.

Innovation in our future

This is just the beginning. We thrive on the innovation that comes from working closely with each of our clients. Check back here soon to see what else we have developed.